This is a small website made by me (Pushpender Rana) to showcase the projects I have done as a student and as a freelancer. This site was built using Jekyll and the theme was designed by me to give it a modern and simple look. I have listed here only those projects which I thought were worthy for a place here.

I have experience in technologies, languages and frameworks such as MERN Stack, Flutter, Android, Java Web, Django (+ REST ), Laravel and DevOps tech such as Docker, Kubernetes and also have a good understanding of the CI/CD concepts and currently have projects (Some are live) on all of these technologies.

The user interface for all my projects is designed and implemented by me only for which I use design tools such as Figma and Adobe XD and almost all of my web apps are responsive.

As a freelancer I have limited experience in which I have made the applications that the clients desired and deployed them (using docker, nginx proxy and automated backup setup etc on the cloud) and managed their servers and performed maintenance tasks (Constant client interaction + accommodating changes was constant in these projects).

Currently I also work as part of the Software development cell of my college in which I have taken care of development, maintenance and deployment of in house systems and also have led the team of new Juniors on development of existing and new systems.

Also I have worked with AWS EC2, lightsail, digital ocean and deployed and maintained live applications on them, converted a live app to Kubernetes and deployed it on Google Kubernetes Engine and have a small home lab servers to automate certain tasks such as backups, git repository mirroring etc which is also accessible via a private wireguard network..

All my projects listed with demo videos, screenshots and description at . If you ever have some time at your hand then do checkout the website and share some reviews if possible.

I’ll call myself a tech geek who is always ready to learn new things, dive into the depth of new concepts and engage myself in challenging tasks. I’m quiet flexible and dynamic and would really like to work in a environment where I can constantly, learn, create and collaborate.

That’s all from me 😁. If you have any questions do email me back.

Have a Project ? Give me a shot by sending me an email.

View more about me at linkedin : Pushpender Rana

My GitHub : ranapushpender

My Email : [email protected]