I started the development of this project as I thought of creating a TOTP generation app which will be opensource and provide realtime sync using firebase, autofill otps generated by the app into your web browsers and will run on multiple devices such as android, ios, mac and PC (PC Master Race FTW).

What I aim to achieve using this app is to allow the users to use my own firebase database or if they want they can go ahead and use their own firebase databases no extra overhead of running and maintaining their own servers while still having the nice feature of a self hosted system.

Their otp data will be secure with me as it is already encrypted at the client using AES-256 and the password is hashed a whopping 1,050,000 times using PBKDF-HMAC-SHA-256 before being stored in the database and the master encryption key is encrypted using the 1,000,000 times hashed password.

If they don’t trust me, then they would be able to substitute their own firebase accounts in place of mine.
The browser autofill uses RSA to transfer the otp in a encrypted form to the browser so that only the intended recipient can access it.

So what’s the advantage ?…No need to run a complete server just to host the complete backend a firebase token file is all you need, client side encrypted data, easy autofill in browser directly from your mobile and realtime sync access on multiple devices.

The UI of the app was designed by me using Adobe XD. The app is in development as it is my latest project if you need any info regarding the working of this project then feed free to email me ( Email provided at the footer of the page :P)


  • Flutter.
  • Firebase.
  • AES-256 and PBKDF-HMAC-SHA-256 algorithms for encryption and hashing.
  • React for chrome extension and RSA for encryption and decryption.
  • SQLCipher for a encrypted local sqlite db.


  • Generate HOTP and TOTP tokens.
  • Autofill from mobile directly to web browser on your computers.
  • Realtime sync.
  • Use your own firebase account.
  • Open Source(After completion. #Soon).


Design Mockups for light and dark mode (Copyright Pushpender Rana):

Application Screenshots (In development, functionalities work):

Chrome extension (Under development, all functionalities such as send otp to browser etc works with a fews bugs currently)

Send to devices