So this app I built as I had to build as a Android Workshop Project. The app allows the users to backup their music on a server and allows for streaming on other devices using the app or the web app.

The system also allows to control music playback on other devices and thus act as remote control.

The themes for all of my projects were built from scratch by me and were designed to be responsive.


  • Android (JAVA)
  • NodeJS (Backend)
  • Docker (Deployment)
  • ReactJS (For the webapp component)
  • MongoDB
  • Nginx for reverse proxy
  • (For Websockets)


  • Allows the user to upload and backup local music on their devices.
  • Using the webapp a user can remotely control the music playing on any of their connected devices ( See video demo below for more).
  • Allows the user to sync music so as to allow offline playback.
  • Provides facility to share song with a existing user also with a time limit.
  • Has a Andoird app component and WebApplication so the user can access their songs on any devices.
  • It provides Music Repository Hosting capabilities using which anyone can host a music repo and provided a key for access a user of the mobile or webapp can access the music on these repositories.

Video Demo:

  • Demo of the ReactJS Web app and the remote control feature.
  • Demo of the Mobile App.
  • Demo of the sharing feature using the mobile app.