So this was the project i built as my BCA final year project. I learnt PHP for the first time and built this content management system as a small platform for hosting my blog.

I host all my projects on my own VPS servers and maintain them and use Docker for deployment. I Build my frontends from scratch myself. Sometimes I try to mimic other websites design but I never use templates or copy code.

The HTML and CSS for this project was also written by me from scratch. I build responsive sites so they perform properly on all screen sizes

Technologies used:

  • PHP
  • MySQL Database
  • HTML + CSS : (I built the entire frontend myself except for the homepage from scratch. I tried to mimic the bootstrap elements by using my own css. It was my first experience in developing a html+css )


  • Two types of users: admins and blog readers
  • A WYSIWYG text editor for writing post which i build myself using JavaScript
  • Admin can create posts, categories, set a post image and manage the comments for each post.
  • Blog readers can subscribe to the blog creators so that they can view the latest posts by them in their news feed.
  • Users can search and read blogs and can leave comments on them

Video Demo:

Here is a small video demo show casing the project.